Exhibition at K21 (Kunstsammlung NRW), Düsseldorf as part of the strike a pose festival.

Exhibition at K21 (Kunstsammlung NRW), Düsseldorf as part of the strike a pose festival. 

Anniversary Portraits

For our third anniversary, we worked with three of our favourite photographers (Carolin Mackintosh, Tereza Mundilova and Michele Di Dio), and portrayed interesting personalities.

We visited creative people from different fields to talk to them about work and their relationship to art and photographed them in their private environment, for which they chose the piece of our collections they could identify with the most.

Samira Mahboub – Model & Perfomancekünstlerin
Photographer: Michele Di Dio
Paolina Sova – Model & Fotografin
Photographer: Caroline Mackintosh
Béla Pablo Jannsen - Künstler
Photographer: Tereza Mundilova

Speaking Garments x Apropos

In collaboration with APROPOS, we have designed a personalised version of our ARTITS PROOF sweater This one is done in ecru and black. The APROPOS letters are highlighted in purple and green. The edition is exclusively available in the Cologne store.

Personalised version of our ARTITS PROOF sweater

Ann Kuen - Artist & Model

Ann Kuen, artist and model, is one of the personalities who represents the unique look and feel of our brand with her combination of artistic expression and casual look. For this reason, we are especially pleased that she is one of the testimonials for our brand.

Ann Kuen - Künstlerin & Model
Ann Kuen - Artist & Model

Exhibition at Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin

Presentation of the Gert & Uwe Tobias Textile Edition and exhibition BLACK WIND BLOWING at the CONTEMPORARY FINE ARTS Gallery, BERLIN on 17 December 2019. 


Fragment T-shirt - Gert & Uwe Tobias Edition
Photographer: Lottermann & Fuentes
Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin – Exhibition Gert & Uwe Tobias Textil Edition
Photographer: Lottermann & Fuentes