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Art and artists can changing our self-perception. They broaden our horizons and open up new perspectives. We work with a number of renowned artists and creatives to create timeless fashion with a real statement.

In this way, we create editions and collections that not only break with traditional trend and seasonal structures, but also tell their own story.

The editions are each numbered copies and are accompanied by a certificate signed by the artists.  Our collections are also made in small quantities.  All of our designs are made in Germany in local tailor shops from high quality materials and printed in an elaborate screen printing process. 

The founder

The founder of Speaking Garments - Lina Miccio

After many years of experience as a PR consultant and communications manager at various international fashion labels, Lina Miccio decided in 2017 to build a bridge between fashion and art by founding Speaking Garments. Her cooperation partners - international artists and creatives - share her love of detail. Working with a number of renowned artists to create timeless fashion with a real statement.

"I was ready for a change," says the Cologne-based entrepreneur, who previously worked as German communications director for global brands, in an interview with Wallpaper magazine. "The demands of my role were becoming more commercial and I also had concerns about the indiscriminate amount of pieces being produced," she says, "so I decided to go my own way." As she contemplated her next move, she became increasingly involved with contemporary art. "I knew I wanted to do something that combined art and fashion, and it was clear to me that I wanted to realise the production in Germany."