Jan-Ole Schiemann

Distractingly Sexy, © Jan-Ole Schiemann
Distractingly Sexy, © Jan-Ole Schiemann

Schiemann's work oscillates between abstract and figurative elements, comic drawings and constructed surfaces, gray values and paint mist surfaces. As with classic cartoon production, he uses primarily black ink applied to unprimed canvas. Superimposing multiple transparent layers creates an unusual sense of depth. Each additional plotted layer breaks up the original context piece by piece and creates new relationships between the visible background and image foreground. The viewer is encouraged to actively move around the image, in order to comprehend this themselves


Born and raised in Kiel, Jan-Ole Schiemann studied Fine Art at Kassel Academy and later graduated under the teachings of Professor Andreas Schulze at Duesseldorf College of Art. Schiemann has become one of the most prominent young artists of his generation with shows in Seoul, New York and Los Angeles. He is represented by the gallery Nino Mier in Los Angeles and Cologne.

How, when and why did the collaboration with Jan-Ole Schiemann come about?

At an exhibition in Cologne, we saw a Jan-Ole piece for the first time. We later visited him in his studio along with an artist friend. He was currently preparing for an Art Basel Miami Beach exhibition curated by Jeffrey Deitsch. I was completely fascinated by his style of painting and the depth of his work. Afterwards, I became more intensely involved with his work, and I resolved to win Jan-Ole and his distinctiveness as the next artist for the creation of a joint edition.