3 Years Anniversary Collection

[Translate to Englisch:] 3 Jahre Jubiläums-Kollektion

In celebration of our 3 year anniversary we designed a 3 piece collection that grafically visualises common terms used in relation to art. Inspired by the expressiveness of typography in different shapes and sizes, the collection marks the beginning of the 4th year of our brand.

All garments are designed and produced in Germany.

Authenticity Hoodie

The ‚Authenticity’ hoodie has a front and back print. Within the hood you find the definition of the term ‚Authenticity’ in the Art World.

The hoodie is designed for a relaxed cut and made from soft organic cotton.

Artist Proof Sweater

ARTIST PROOF is a print or object that is specifically made for the artist in addition to the actual edition. This exemplar stays in the artists personal collection.

Our sweater wears this term in a striking Blockbuster Typo with a generous leading.

The sweater has a regular fit and is made from organic cotton.

Artist Proof Sweater

Masterpiece T-shirt

The greatest piece an artist creates during their creative period is often called a masterpiece. This term is printed onto the front of our oversize t-shirt in a unobtrusive way just as it is worn as an emblem.